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1. Aufgabenfeld: Chinesisch · Darstellendes Spiel · Deutsch · Englisch · Französisch · Kunst · Latein · Musik · Spanisch
2. Aufgabenfeld: Ethik · Evangelische Religion · Geschichte · Katholische Religion · Philosophie · Politik und Wirtschaft
3. Aufgabenfeld: Biologie · Chemie · Informatik · Mathematik · Physik · Sport


Die englische Flagge

Based on the requirements outlined in Lehrplan Englisch für Gymnasien we are taking a Language Awareness approach to teaching English at Hansenberg. We believe every student has an individual so-called interlanguage of which he or she should be made aware of by developing a learner profile—and more importantly of how it can be improved. So, outside of topics (may they be philosophic, historic, literary, political, psychological or of any other kind) our focus is on enabling students to communicate successfully and putting them in a position where they can take their knowledge and use of English to the next level. These beliefs and goals are for example put in action through:

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